If you have a cat, you probably already know that during any trips away from home, your kitty will be well taken care of at a cat boarding facility. However, if you have plans to board your cat in the near future, you don't have to just rely upon them to make sure your cat is fed and safe. Cat boarding facilities can also offer you an opportunity to have your cat's overall well-being improved. Read on to learn about the extra ways you can take advantage of your cat's time at the cat boarding facility.

Full Grooming

Whether your cat is short-haired, long-haired, or somewhere in between, your cat could use a full grooming while they're boarded. Cats tend to lose more fur when they're stressed, so your cat could be shedding quite a bit when it comes home without a good grooming. In addition, a grooming will help to bring down your cat's stress level, so it's a good opportunity. Don't forget to ask to have your cat's claws trimmed to reduce the risk of ingrown claws, too.

Yearly Physical

Most cat boarders are closely associated with veterinarians so that if your cat has any health needs during its stay, they'll have a place to go. However, you can also ask your boarder to work with the veterinarian to get your cat checked up while you're away.

Since going to the veterinarian can be a time-consuming endeavour for pet parents, why not have your cat checked while you're away from home? The vet can check your pet's overall health, examine it for fleas, worms, and other pests, and provide any necessary vaccinations.

Dietary Transition

Another way you can get your cat boarder to help you is if your want or need to change your cat's food. Whether you want to change your cat's food because you're switching them to a grain-free food or looking to lower to their wait, the way you do it matters. Suddenly changing your cat's food can cause stomach problems, and generally isn't recommended by veterinarians. However, gradually transitioning to a new variety of food can be a hassle for pet parents.

Let a cat boarder take care of this problem for you. When you bring in your cat, bring in the food you're currently feeding them, as well as the food you want them to be eating. Your cat boarder will start out with the current food and gradually add a bit more of the new food each day so your cat's stomach will be at ease. In the event that any stomach upset occurs, you won't have to clean up after your cat, and the veterinarian will be there to make sure your cat is okay.

Taking your cat to a cat boarder won't just keep your kitty safe and well-fed. It can also offer you and your cat a wide range of advantages that you wouldn't have if you left your cat at home or took it with you. For more information, contact a business such as Cat Care Clinic.