As the seasons begin to sway toward the warmer months, you can begin to expect the fun fireworks that come along with summer holidays. For dogs, however, fireworks are not so fun. In fact, they can be downright dangerous. Many pet owners resort to using medications to keep their dogs from getting too antsy from the noise and excitement. If you want to avoid using medications for your dog this summer season, you may want to consider the following tips:

Exercise Your Dog During the Day

Since fireworks are most often used at night, be sure your dog gets plenty of exercise during the day. This is especially true on Independence Day, when the likelihood of fireworks dramatically increases. Take extra walks on that day or allow your dog to play longer in a fenced yard. This way, they will be more relaxed and ready to rest when the rockets go off.

Allow Your Dog Inside

If you do not normally allow your dog inside, consider doing so during the holiday. This will help drown out the noise from the fireworks and also lets them be near you during that time, reducing the dog's anxiety. If you are not comfortable having a dog in the house, at least allow them in a cooled garage or outbuilding during the bulk of the noise.

Keep the Dog Inside a Crate

If you have a dog crate, it is a good idea to put your dog inside during a fireworks show. This will give them some comforting space to themselves and help keep them calm. It will also prevent a dog from running away during the loud noise, which is sadly a very common occurrence. To help make the crate more comfortable, place some of the dog's favorite toys along with some food and water inside. Also, you may want to cover the crate with a light sheet to help remove some of the stimulation.

Give the Dog Extra Treats

During a stressful time, one of the best ways to distract a dog is through treats. As the summer holidays near, be sure to have your dog's favorite treats on hand so that you can help keep the dog happy while the show is going on. This will also keep your dog near you and prevent it from running off.

The last thing you want is to have a nervous and scared dog during the warm, happy days of summer. Keep these tips in mind when the fireworks start going off. To learn more about caring for specific breeds with specific temperaments, contact a company like Von Anna German Shepherds, LLC.