When you are looking for a new pet, you might feel like choosing a more common and traditional pet such as a dog. After all, you know how to take care of a dog. However, there are some reasons why a snake may be a better option than a dog.

Learn More About Biology

By getting a pet snake, you will be learning about biology. You must research your snake to understand how you must care for it. Therefore, you will have to become more educated about snakes and reptiles in general to be a great snake parent. You can even purchase a snake from an egg and watch it hatch.

Spend Less Time Caring for Your Snake

In many ways, a snake is easier to care for than a dog. While you must feed a dog at least once a day, you only have to feed a snake once a week. You do not have to take snakes for walks, though you do have to clean its cage. Fortunately, snakes are cleaner than many other types of pets that dwell in cages.

Given that you will mostly keep your snake in a cage, it will not cause problems for your property as long as the snake doesn't escape. However, if you are living in an apartment, you should still receive permission from the landlord before getting a snake. If you purchase a cage designed to hold snakes, it will be designed to be as escape-proof as possible.

One of the most challenging parts of owning a snake is that you will need to feed it rats or mice. You will either need to breed mice, or you will need to keep them in a freezer. However, if you find this part of the process interesting, this might actually be a benefit.

Buy an Inexpensive Pet

Compared with a dog, a snake is an inexpensive pet. While dogs can cost thousands of dollars, a snake can cost as little as $20. Therefore, it is the perfect pet to own if you are on a budget. If you are not concerned about the cost of your snake, some species can cost thousands of dollars. If you're purchasing a high-value snake, consider purchasing insurance.

Leave the Snake Alone for Extended Periods

Dogs have evolved to be social and to require companionship. Therefore, you should not leave your dog alone for a long period of time. However, this is possible with a pet snake. For more information, contact a local pet store that has reptiles for sale.